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Innovation is an invitation to build the world you want to see.

Ion supports businesses at all stages of the innovation lifecycle and provides resources for those seeking to engage in the innovation ecosystem. We invite you to join our network and become a part of Houston’s HQ for innovation.

Ion Prototyping Lab
Ion Investor Studio
Student Ambassador
Artist Residency


Ion entrepreneurial programs train founders, researchers, innovators, and corporate leaders to drive positive, disruptive societal change by building scalable enterprises. These programs teach skills, business development, startup skills—and more.



ACCEL, a new accelerator from Greentown Labs and Browning the Green Space (BGS), is bolstering BIPOC-led startups as they develop critical climatetech solutions by offering access to funding, networking connections, resources, and opportunities that structural inequities put out of reach.

div inc


DivInc’s 12-week tech startup development programs accelerate your business growth. They connect you to a network of industry-specific mentors and investors and provide the critical resources you need to turn your idea into a thriving company.

rice alliance

Rice Alliance

Rice Alliance aims to support the creation and success of startups and the commercialization of new technologies in the Houston community and beyond.

media tech ventures

MediaTech Ventures

MediaTech Ventures is designed to develop early-stage and growth-driven media technology startups in Houston through education and mentorship with MediaTech Ventures’ startup curriculum and platform.


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  • Media
  • Medical
  • Sports Tech

Future cohort opportunities coming soon.

TRIBE is a mental health platform that connects individuals from the Black community with culturally competent therapists. TRIBE aims to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health and empower individuals to embark on a transformative journey towards well-being.

Subler is a B2B marketplace that connects schools with local community groups. We make it easy for people to find and book school spaces.

Seed At The Table is a tech-enabled financial ecosystem committed to providing its community of diverse professionals and entrepreneurs with equitable access to capital, opportunity, and resources.

SALUBATA is a forward-thinking technology-driven company specializing in modular shoes repurposed from plastic waste, utilizing cutting-edge blockchain integration to ensure transparent, sustainable, and ethically sourced footwear solutions.

The Motherocity Health is a tracking app dedicated to bridging the gap between new mothers and postpartum parents by focusing on the essential component of mental health forecasting and monitoring.

Looks For Lease provides unique wardrobe rental offerings, embodying edginess, grassroots culture, and innovative technology. The L4L zero-waste ethos ensures that your style statement is not only distinct but also environmentally conscious.

Instant global blockchain payment rails for anyone, anywhere.

CultureLancer is an AI-powered career accelerator that bridges the divide between college education and real-world professional expectations. Emphasizing skill development, it equips students with practical experience while granting SMEs access to fresh, emerging talent.

Craftmerce is a B2B technology platform that connects African artisans to mainstream retail partners with distributed production, enterprise management, and financing tools.

Future cohort opportunities coming soon.

Future cohort opportunities coming soon.

Ion Prototyping Lab

Ion Prototyping Lab is where your ideas meet the designers, engineers, and fabricators that can make your vision a reality. Located at the Ion, the intersection of Houston’s culture, creativity, and innovation, our 6,500 SF lab has the equipment, engineers, and access to technical training—all of the must-haves for every inventor, innovator, and creator.

Ion Investor Studio

Ion Investor Studio is a unique, private gathering space for investors to land. It is a studio that can be scheduled/reserved where investors can interact and meet with founders, entrepreneurs, corporate innovators, and other investors. The pipeline of deals in Houston is growing, and through connections and a convenient space to facilitate meetings, we will help find the next big investments.